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Pilates Lover Gift Guide

Props, nonskid socks and videos - perfect and easy gifts, available at the studio
Props, nonskid socks and videos, perfect and easy gifts – available at the studio

Christmas is COMING! If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated on your cards and wrapping. Now it’s a week before Christmas, and the only people left on your list are those people who are hard to buy for. So if you have any Barre or Pilates fans to buy for, here’s a short list of gifts they’d love! I put the gifts in the order of things I’d want, saving the best for last.

  1. Water Bottles

This is a great gift for anybody. Who doesn’t need a reminder to stay hydrated? I’m a big fan of these glass water bottles or you can choose one made locally.

  1. DVDs

There are a ton of good DVDs out there – easy or hard, general or specialized. Just remember to check that your Pilates fan already owns any equipment featured on the video you want give them.

  1. Props

Foam Rollers, flexible bands, arc barrels, and rings can add variety and challenge to home workouts.  OPTP and Balanced Body are good websites for props.

  1. Apparel

Come on, everybody loves new duds. Head bands and nonskid socks are a safe choice if you’re not sure about the right sizing.

  1. Gift certificates

This gift is a no-brainer, but it often gets overlooked. If you want to surprise a Pilates lover with a gift, get them more Pilates OF COURSE! A gift certificate at your local studio can usually be applied to different services and products so you don’t actually have to know anything about Pilates to get the perfect surprise. Have a happy holiday and a healthy 2015!

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