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Workshops for Better Health

We offer workshops for anyone interested in learning, mending, and growing their overall mind and body wellness.

Pfilates Pelvic Floor Fitness

Pfilates was created by urogynocologist Dr. Bruce Crawford to provide an accessible method of recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength. Pelvic floor fitness is essential for normal bladder and sexual function. Common health problems such as urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, and poor sexual satisfaction are all associated with pelvic floor muscle weakness.

In this workshop, you will learn about pelvic floor fitness and what you can do to improve it.  We will introduce and practice the 10 Pfilates exercises found to be most effective for targeting the pelvic floor, as determined by Dr. Crawford’s EMG research.


The MELT® Method

The MELT® Method is a unique self-treatment approach that uses soft foam rollers and small MELT® hand and foot balls to simulate the results of manual therapy. MELT® releases joint compression, restores connective tissue, reconnects body awareness, and rebalances the nervous system. Our MELT® Method workshops are great as a compliment to Pilates, or on their own. Either way, MELT® will make you feel better in your daily activities. Read more about it.

A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime. – Sue Hitzmann, MELT® creator

For more information or to register, view our workshop schedule here.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful learning environment! I can't say enough about how excellent the Anatomy in Three Dimensions program and Janet's delivery of it is. She was so well prepared and put her heart and soul into sharing her knowledge. ~ Laura
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