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We’ve reopened for Phase 1 – Modified!

Hello Soma Pilates community

We are officially open for business in studio by appointment only AND online. Talk about a BIG hurdle. High fives all around! As with most things COVID-19, life is looking a bit different than before. What does that mean?

1.     We are starting with 1:1 private sessions by appointment only for those who do not have high-risk factors as outlined by the State of Washington. (Remember, online is still available for both privates and small group!)

2.     ALL staff instructors are planning on returning. Actual dates, though, will vary (said with an infomercial voice, of course). We are currently working on building a schedule that brings together clients, instructors, state-mandated housekeeping schedules and good business practices that keep the doors open for the long term. Our suggestion? Plan to be flexible, expect a schedule that rolls out, and be willing to work with all the staff instructors. As we nail something down, we will be updating Mind-Body Online. For right now please schedule by contacting Janet directly.

3.     Get ready to learn a new “jig” to the Soma Pilates “dance.” Say, what? Or otherwise known as “learn new procedures and processes.” (BORING, but, alas, accurate.) For the planners in the group, here is your heads up:

a.     Don on your masks as if you are at the Carnival of Venice. Yep, masks are required for both staff and clients. NO ONE wants to hear it, much less do it. We get it. But even worse, no one wants to see Soma Pilates shut down for COVID-19. And while that is important, truly, truly, truly, we honestly want to keep our clients and our staff healthy.

b.     Expect to wear your athletic gear and bring personal water bottles, and to limit personal items. The State of Washington requires the first (restrooms cannot be used for changing) and they dictate that water fountain use shall be restricted to water bottle filling stations only. We recommend the second. While we will have a basket for you to leave your stuff in and/or you can take small items to your reformer, we suggest that you leave as much as you can at home.

c.     ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY! Did we mention the opportunity to fill out fascinating documents from the greatest legal minds, answer questions only found on Jeopardy and use the latest and greatest technology in healthcare? Or you can look at it as signing a waiver, filling out the health screen and using the no-touch thermometer (except for the part where you touch it by holding it). Once you have completed pre-check, you will be assigned a seat, and then from there, your friendly Pilates Instructor will lead you through the safety briefing and the rest of your flight at Soma Pilates.

d.     Show us your cleaning chops! At the end of the now-50 minute session, your instructor will guide you through a simple cleaning process with soap and water. We will follow up with the sanitizing or disinfecting process required by the State of Washington. Unlike the instructors, you don’t have to show us your fashion sense by adding gloves and eye gear to complete your COVID-19 housekeeping ensemble. That being said, you are certainly welcome to pull out your favorite look and wow us if you so choose. COVID-19 PPE fashion tips are always appreciated.

e.     Stick with”Stay Home, Stay Safe” if you are ill. The health of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance to us, so if you feel sick or believe that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, we kindly request that you cancel your session and follow CDC guidelines on self-isolation before returning to the studio. To remove any feelings of stress around canceling, we are waiving our late-cancellation fee for the foreseeable future. If you are unable to make it for illness, simply notify us and we will make the appropriate adjustments to your account 

Finally, we know that life has been tipsy-turvy the last few months. To help brighten things up a bit, we are happy to offer a Phase 1- Modified 3-pack of privates for $215. This is a great option if you have been doing group and only want to purchase a few privates at our best rate to tide you over until we move to Phase 2 and can offer small groups again. The offer is open to everyone, even if you have sessions on the books. We will hold on to those for a rainy day while you use up your new package. Valid while King county remains in Phase 1 – Modified. You can purchase online here for a true touch-less transaction.

We look forward to seeing you soon, either in the studio or online!

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