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Welcome Nicole!

Say hello to Nicole. She’s just recently joined the team here at Soma Pilates. If you come in for weekend Pilates, you’ll see her every Saturday morning.

Nicole is an author, yogi, and board game enthusiast in addition to a Pilates instructor. A woman of many talents if I ever met one!

To learn more about Nicole, we asked her some important questions. And a few silly questions too.

nicole-head-shot1. As a transplant from Canada, tell me, how important is maple syrup to a Canadian?

Maple syrup runs through our veins; without we perish. Which is why all Canadians are required to drink one cup of maple syrup a day.

2. How’d you get hooked on Pilates?

I found Pilates a little boring at first, actually. I was referred to a studio by my physiotherapist and the movements were small and repetitive. Luckily I had an amazing instructor who taught in a soft and gentle manner but make me work incredibly hard!! I soon discovered I could do exercises that I never thought possible. Pilates not only boosts your physical capabilities but also your confidence, with the right instructor, of course!

3. What has writing and self-publishing a YA fantasy novel taught you?

That I don’t want to be a writer! Although I’m an introvert who loves escaping to fantasy worlds in my spare time, teaching is my passion. It’s highly rewarding and teaching movement is especially challenging and fun. Oh yeah, I also learned that writing the first draft is the easy part!

4. What’s your favourite anatomy fact as it relates to Pilates?

Poisson’s Effect can decompress your spine! Poisson’s Effect is what happens when you squeeze a tube – the pressure causes the contents to exit either end of the tube (think of a tube of toothpaste). If you think of your core muscles between your pelvic floor and your diaphragm as a tube, then as you engage your transversus muscles, your are ‘squeezing’ your cylinder. This gentle pressure causes the viscera and spine to quietly move towards the pelvic floor and the diaphragm, thereby encouraging space between your vertebrae. So cool! Grow taller with Pilates!

5. What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever lived?

At the edge of Gobi Desert in Shaanxi Province, a short stroll from the ruins of The Great Wall of China. Northern Namibia was pretty neat also.

6. Can you recommend a book you’ve read recently?

Mort(e). The ant apocalyse happens and a cat who loves a dog is transformed into a human and tries to save the world. Good times!


Book a session or class with Nicole today! To read Nicole’s full bio, see our Instructor Page.

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