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Welcome Kate

Join us as we welcome Kate Yesis to our team of instructors. Kate has a strong fitness background and a wonderful teaching style. I’m lucky enough to work with her on Wednesday and Friday mornings. I asked Kate a few questions to get to know her better.

When did you first fall in love with Pilates?

Kate Chair ElephantAs a kid, I was active, participating in gymnastics and dancing. I enjoyed physical challenges. I began teaching group fitness classes in 1997, including aerobics, step, dance and strength. I also loved running and kickboxing at this time. I thought that the harder I pushed my body, the better I would feel. But after a knee surgery, I wasn’t able to return to my favorite activities right away. Pilates was an integral part of my knee rehabilitation program.

I became fascinated by how my body reacted to Pilates. After each mat class, I felt new length in my spine that allowed me to move more freely. In Pilates, I was able to move my spine gently and safely in every direction. My body felt more balanced as a result. I felt like I could move mountains after my Pilates classes.

I wanted to dig deeper; to understand why Pilates is so unique.  So I trained intensively as an instructor, attending classes, workshops and seminars for a year. I completed my first certification in 2000 in Moscow and began teaching mat and reformer classes. I completed my full equipment certification in New York in 2008.

What are your favorite exercises? 

My favorite exercises are spine stretch, roll over, roll up, short spine, up stretch.

How has your own Pilates practice improved your own health?Kate Control

Pilates has been a great tool in my own body for rehab and conditioning.

Pilates helped me to recover faster after a knee surgery.

Also I had a nagging rotator cuff issue. The pain in the shoulder lasted for years. Doing Pilates helped me focus on the alignment of my shoulders so I can move without pain now.

After my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc so I’m really focused on exercises which help keep my back strong and healthy.

What part of your own practice or teaching is interesting you right now? 

Probably the most interesting facet of my teaching now is the use of rehabilitative Pilates after joint replacements.

What do you like to do for fun? 

I LOVE to travel and see new places. I love biking, hiking, cooking.

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