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The Best Sports Bra

As a woman who works out, sports bras are near and dear to my heart (pun intended).

A good supportive base layer will make you feel confident and comfortable. Whereas, a bad sports bra can stop your work out before it begins.

Finding the best sports bra for your activity and body type can be tricky. So we asked our instructors to start the discussion. We are a group of women who enjoy different types of exercise. And we definitely come in different shapes and sizes. Here is a list of our favorite sports bras, categorized by sport and bust size. Consider these our sweat-proven recommendations.

Cleavage Free – Low Impact

“Nothing, no bra required. If I do Pilates, yoga, or another lower impact activity, the shelf bras built into tighter tank tops are sufficient.”

Zenergy Bra
Lucy Zenergy

Cleavage Free – High Impact

“For jogging and interval gym classes with jumping, I like something supportive and pretty. I bought a Lucy Zenergy bra at our 10th anniversary event. It’s great. The strappy back is feminine, it wicks sweat and has those nice foam cup pads so I don’t feel overexposed when I’m out jogging in the cold.”

Pleasantly Average – Low Impact

Fabletics Hudson Bralette
Fabletics Hudson Bralette
Lyra Bra Ombre Jacquard
Fabletics Lyra Bra

“I prefer thin and strappy bras. They act like the shelf bra that would be built into a top, and they can be added for pretty layering or extra support. My new favorite is the Hudson Bralette.”

“The sports bras with multiple straps are on trend right now. The straps are pretty, and I also like how they serve as multi-point supports. With all those straps, the weight of your ta-tas can be distributed as opposed to just one strap bearing down on your upper traps. The Fabletics Lyra Bra gets the job done. ”


Pleasantly Average – High Impact

Athleta Luna Bra
Athleta Luna Bra

“High support sports bras can be a pain in my neck, literally. Adjustable straps make regular bras more comfortable and the same is true for sports bras. Not all torsos are created equal so the length of your straps shouldn’t be either. I like the adjustable straps on the Luna Bra by Athleta.”

 Busty – Low Impact

Seamless Bra
UA Seamless Bra
Panache Sports Bra
Panache Sports Bra

“For Pilates or Barre, I like something really comfortable with a little support. I like to wear a light support bra like the UA Seamless with a tank that has an internal shelf bra. That let’s me double up support without feeling suffocated!”

“For lower impact workouts, I like Panache sports bras. They offer wired and unwired options. I use the non-wired bras for low impact exclusively. The wire bras prove slightly better support, especially when converted into a racerback.”

Busty – High Impact

Enell On Body Sport
Enell On Body Sport
UA Protege Bra
UA Protégé Bra

“For jogging, running or HIIT, I need a lot of support. I will sometimes double up bras by wearing a low impact bra under a high impact bra like the UA Protégé Bra for a nice tight feel!”

“I like the Enell Sports Bra. It’s called the “last resort” bra. There’s no need to double up bras with this one”




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