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Soma Pilates is a state of the art contemporary Pilates and fitness studio located in Redmond, Washington. At our core, we believe that mindful movement is a key tenet to living a strong, healthy lifestyle, whether we are doing an everyday activity like bending over to pick something up off the floor or taking on a challenge such as running a marathon. In fact, many Soma Pilates clients start with the goal of doing the first without pain, then find themselves able to take on new challenges that once seemed totally improbable!

While our staff is trained in multiple exercise modalities, we choose the Pilates mind-body exercise system as the underpinning of our work. Why? It’s effective, safe, accessible for all levels, and (dare we say it?) sensible. Pilates gets results. Strong cores and bodies, improved flexibility and better posture are all important for a healthy body.

Plus, we think Pilates is fun. Truly. We do.


Our Philosophy

At Soma Pilates, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere with the intent to help you become your very best. We do this by welcoming everyone without judgement and then focusing on the person in front of us. We are here to customize your workout to what you need no matter where you are on your well-being and fitness journey. Even in our small group trainings, there is no more than 3 participants. This means that you can expect your instructor to know your name, goals, and health history so every workout will be a success.



At Soma Pilates we always strive to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where we can help you become your very best. While we have always taken our responsibility to our clients and staff’s health seriously, it has hit new level during this time of COVID-19. Please be assured that we strictly follow the requirements set by the CDC, the State of Washington and King County regarding PPE, social distancing, and cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting policies. We have invested in products and equipment  and created procedures all designed to do our part in reducing the transmission of this disease and keep us healthy and strong.


Find Us

Soma Pilates is located in downtown Redmond at 16141 Cleveland St. Suite C.

Our office line is 425-869-0121. If we are with clients, we will not be able to answer. But we return messages promptly during hours when the studio is open.

16141 Cleveland St. Suite C
Redmond, WA 98052

LOVE Anatomy in 3D. Great way to bring learning to life and how to apply the knowledge in real life! Our instructor not only knows her anatomy, but she made it relevant to everyone in the class. We had a mix of students, from new to experienced who represented a mix of facilities, from Pilates to the gyms. I have already told my colleagues that they need to get into this class! ~ Kim
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