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Should I Wear Shoes? And Other Pilates Questions

We have lots of new people in the studio lately. People are returning to a regular exercise schedule after summer vacations, and there’s a new special on our Fundamentals classes. And with these new people come really good questions about what bring and how to conduct themselves in the studio.

So let’s take a moment to discuss studio etiquette. Etiquette is a term that makes me giggle, imagining teatime with the queen. But not to worry, we aren’t as formal as all that.


We do not have a receptionist. If we don’t answer the phone during business hours, we are with clients. If you leave a message, we will return your call by the next business day, if not before. The easiest way to register for classes is online, but we are happy to assist via the phone or via email. Feel free to email us at


Nonskid socks help grip the push through bar for Leg Press on the Cadillac
Nonskid socks help grip the push through bar for Leg Press on the Cadillac

You’ll want clothing that is flexible so that it allows movement. And your pants should provide coverage if your legs are in the air. Please avoid clothing with zippers, buttons or rivets. Clothing with hardware can damage the equipment. Our male clients say that they prefer boxer briefs for Pilates. As to footwear, bare feet or socks are acceptable.  We prefer and sell nonskid socks in the studio. They aren’t necessary, but nonskid socks keep our clients from slipping on the equipment. Shoes can be worn to accommodate injuries as needed.


Some people are sensitive to smell so we ask that all our clients to avoid wearing fragrance in the studio.

Personal Belongings

Feel free to bring any personal belongs to your equipment/space while you workout. We offer unlocked storage space near the entryway, but we understand that you may need your belongings within arm’s reach. We would just ask that liquids be kept off of the machines.

Personal belonging in Studio
Your purse by your equipment is acceptable.
Studio Storage
And your belongings in the storage shelves is also acceptable.













Our space has great acoustics, which is a double-edged sword. Enjoy your workouts and your classmates. We ask that you be aware of volume when sharing the studio with other clients so everyone has a good experience. And please silence cellphones.


There is street parking in front of our door, and there is a parking lot immediately west of our building. And there is overflow parking behind our building on Redmond Way in the lot in front of DanceWorks.


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