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Running, Racing, and Pilates

Vanessa at the Finish Line

We’d love to congratulate Vanessa on her first season of marathon training and her great race time in Olympia. Here is her story about running, racing, and how Pilates helped as cross-training:

My husband and I spent winter 2017 training for our first marathon. For twenty-one weeks, we followed a training schedule designed for a beginner runner. Our trainings runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays were five to seven miles long, sometimes integrating hills or speed work. Our Sunday runs were long, slow distance runs, beginning with eight miles, and progressing to twenty miles. Every run was difficult in its own way, but the distance runs were, by far, the most challenging.

Throughout the marathon training, Pilates was a trusted resource for my strength, recovery, and awareness. On Mondays after the long Sunday run, I would look forward to laying on the Reformer and bringing circulation back into my tired muscles. It felt wonderful to move and stretch with the support and feedback of the equipment. I began to notice that I was running with the good postural alignment learned from my Pilates practice. I was able to run with the stacked and neutral spine I’ve been practicing in Pilates. When our long runs began to exceed fifteen miles, my legs would begin to fatigue A LOT. Thank goodness I can access those amazing core muscles, because when the miles added up, my core literally took over for my legs. I realized that if I began my long runs with my core activated, my legs were less fatigued toward the end of each run.

Capital City Marathon in Olympia


Thank You Pilates!

Now I am recovering from the Capital City Marathon, which I ran a few weeks ago. I finished in 5 hours, 08 seconds. The first twenty miles of the 26.2 flew by as I chatted with theother runners. But at around mile twenty-four, my legs wanted to be done! I had to pull every last drop of core energy I could muster to make it over that finish line. I attribute my accomplishment to the mind body connection cultivated by Pilates, and I plan to train again next winter for an even better experience Spring 2018 😊

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