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Introducing Barre and MOTR™

Lunge with Overhead Press on the MOTR™
MOTR™ Class – Image Courtesy of Balance Body®

Starting this month, we’re offering more group classes so come in from the wet weather and try something new.

Find the drop-in class schedule, including the new Barre and MOTR™ classes, here.

MOTR™ (an acronym for MOre Than a ­Roller) is a small apparatus that trains in big ways – balance, strength and coordination. The MOTR consists of a roller with an extension arm and two variable resistance modules with straps. In class, we’ll stand, kneel, lay and move on the roller with the resistance of the straps to provide challenge for a full body workout.

Standing Leg Work in Barre Class
Standing Leg Work in Tuesday’s Barre Class


Our dance-inspired Barre class will get you moving to the beat! Incorporating elements of cardio, Pilates core work and athletic conditioning, our Barre technique will help you to tone, strengthen, and build endurance.

These drop-in classes require no prior Pilates experience (of course, it’ll give you a leg up if you’ve been doing your 100s). But you’ll want to abstain if you have a condition that prevents you from participating in a group class taught at a basic fitness level.

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