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Kim Stern: Master Trainer Feature

This month, we will be offering Movement Principles, a new instructor course from Balanced Body which will be co-taught by Janet Sunderland and Kim Stern.  Some of you may know Kim from previous trainings she offered at Soma Pilates, but in addition to being a Balanced Body Master Trainer for Balanced Body Barre and Balanced Body Movement Principles, she brings over a decade of experience in management, coaching, and group fitness.  Kim also did her comprehensive pilates training with Janet at Soma Pilates.

Q:  How did you find Soma Pilates?

A: Nikki Naab-Levy told me about Soma and Janet; she thought Janet and I would really like each other and would enjoy getting to know one another. Nikki also knew that I had a persistent shoulder issue going on and that Janet could most definitely help me with the shoulder so that I could keep doing my job in group fitness.  At the time, I was managing multiple fitness studios and teaching group fitness, which definitely takes a toll on your body. I was literally driving by Soma when I stopped, pulled into the parking lot, went into the studio, spoke with Janet for over 2 hours, and a friendship was born!

Q: Which trainings have you taken at Soma?

A:  I started with MOTR, then moved on to anatomy in 3D. From there I thought, “Why not become a Pilates mat instructor? We always need them in the gym.” This put me on a path to complete the entire comprehensive Pilates curriculum through Balanced Body education. During this time, I was approached by Portia Page, who is a master instructor for Balanced Body. She and I had been acquainted through our group fitness classes and trainings, and she thought that perhaps I might be interested in theBalanced Body Barre program. Both Janet and I did the barre training in Spokane and then completed the master Barre training with Balanced Body to become a master trainer in 2015. In 2018, I attended the program to become a master trainer in the Balanced Body movement principles.

Q: What have you enjoyed about taking your trainings at Soma Pilates with Janet?

A: Janet brings together a great mix of knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills. This makes her a great Pilates instructor, especially for clients who need attention for their specific needs. She brings that knowledge and experience into the classroom and is able to provide real life experiences and application that goes well beyond what’s written in the book, and she understands the Pilates studio world, the gym world, group fitness personal trainin and medical environments because she’s worked in those areas. Whether you are someone who wants to know the Pilates repertoire,  you’re someone who is working one-on-one with clients, or if you want to teach to large groups, Janet can help you understand how the content is applicable to what you do in your daily life as an instructor, a trainer, or even a physical therapist and doctor. Because of this depth of knowledge, she is a fantastic trainer for other instructors.

We are excited to be offering this training with Kim and Janet, who both offer decades of diverse experience in instruction.  Movement Principles will be offered this December 15th and 16th, and then again February 2 and 3rd.  For more information or to register for an upcoming training, click here.

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