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June 2019 Exercise of the Month

We are starting an exercise of the month feature here on the Soma Pilates blog. Our goal is to feature great exercises that you can do at home with little to no equipment. Now that June has arrived we’ve noticed that many of our clients are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get outdoors and participate in activities like hiking, running, and walking. Since a common thread for all these activities is the need for good hip stability we are starting with a hip leveling exercise.

Here you can see that Vanessa is performing the exercise with a small ball.

  1. Start by standing normal on 2 legs with a small ball acting as a spacer between the thigh and a wall.
  2. Lift the leg closest to the wall off the ground and allow the same hip to drop.
  3. Activate the hip muscles in the standing leg to level your hips.
  4. Repeat 10x.

Next we have Janet performing the same exercise but using a short 18″ roller instead of a ball. This version is performed in exactly the same way. You can also substitute a long roller, a big fitness ball, or even try it with no props. In all versions, you are working the lateral system (hip abductors and adductors). This system is responsible for keeping the pelvis balanced over the thigh bones when walking, running, or balancing on one leg.

Have fun with this exercise and get outside to enjoy our great weather while it lasts!

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