Fostering body awareness, acceptance, and improved performance.


Nicole Sheldrake

nicole-head-shotPromoting joyful and healthy movement in an inclusive manner is what makes Nicole spring from bed each morning with a big grin on her face.

Nicole has experienced the increased body awareness and joy in movement that Pilates offers. And this is a woman who led(leads!) a pretty sedentary life, i.e. whose favourite activities are reading, eating, playing board games, and meandering around Seattle looking for cool cafes to read, eat and play board games.

A teacher at heart, Nicole started off teaching English as a Second Language after graduating university with a degree in Applied Linguistics. She eventually transitioned to teaching Pilates with interludes of doing admin, teaching yoga and writing a novel along the way.

Nicole is a STOTT PILATES® Certified instructor who focuses on aligned and effective movement. She loves working with clients who are rehabilitating from injury or have chronic back, neck or shoulder challenges. Her eagle eye keeps clients working hard with good biomechanics and her silly sense of humour makes the lesson speed by.

Work With Nicole: Small Group and Private Training

Vanessa Corrigan

Vanessa Head Shot

An artist at heart, Vanessa earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Ohio University where she studied dance, photography, painting and print-making. She began practicing Pilates to combat the physical and mental stress of being a mural artist spending long hours climbing and painting on scaffolding.

Vanessa did her instructor training with Physicalmind Institute under the guidance of Tara Stepenberg who now teaches Pilates for The Pacific Northwest Ballet. Vanessa’s Pilates classes use imagery, detailed cueing and dynamic sequencing inspired by Joseph Pilates’ original work. Since 2002 Vanessa has helped hundreds of clients learn, enjoy and benefit from the amazing practice of Pilates including professional athletes, dancers and teens.

When she’s not in the studio Vanessa enjoys hiking, biking, and cooking vegan foods.

Work with Vanessa: Small Group and Private Training

Kate Yesis

Kate Head ShotKate is originally from Belarus and completed her first Pilates certification in 2000. While working as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer, she got her masters in Physical Education from the University of Sport in Minsk.

After that she went on to work with professional athletes in the post rehabilitation field, so they were able to return to their sport with better performance and less pain.

In 2008, she moved to the United States to be closer to family, where she did her Pilates certification with Body Arts and Science International® in NYC.

Kate enjoys working with clients of all levels and ages for both post rehabilitation and performance. She has a strong eye for detail and the ability to individualize and sessions based the client’s fitness level and goals.

When she’s not teaching Pilates, Kate can be found hiking, dancing or taking a long walk with her kids.

Work with Kate: Small Group and Private Training

Courtney Stone

Courtey 3

Courtney loves the thoughtfulness and control that Pilates brings to movement, both big and small. Her teaching style is both fun and deliberate, making it effective for everyone and anyone wanting to improve their bodies’ function.

Courtney completed her comprehensive STOTT PILATES® training and internship in Seattle. Additionally she is a NASM certified personal trainer and TotalBarre group fitness instructor.

Prior to her entry into the fitness world, Courtney worked in beauty as a hair stylist and makeup artist. She also cofounded and acted as COO of a non profit banked track roller derby league.

In her free time, Courtney enjoys gardening, “watching her stories”, and refurbishing furniture.

Work with Courtney: Small Group and Private Training

 Angela Dismuke

AngelaPrior to her transition as a Pilate’s professional, Angela was an 18 year career Environmental Scientist for a National Laboratory and also in the private sector. She has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years as a Pilates instructor, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer.

Angela brings with her a rich background that includes an extensive knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, dance and movement. She holds Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science and Wellness and Biochemistry. She is a STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor and her expertise includes conditioning for Wellness, Pre Surgery and Rehab. Her meticulous eye for details and problem solving allows her to pin point imbalances in your body and then make systematic changes for improvements. All training is done to emphasize the importance of three dimensional breathing to support you and the flow of movement.

Angela uses her knowledge of the human body and her love of dance to blend the Art and Science of movement to create balanced, strong and flexible bodies. Her goal as an instructor is to both educate and train. To educate you about your body and how it works the most efficiently and train you in a progressive manner to enhance conditioning, body awareness and alignment. Through education and training you are empowered to create changes in your body that will last a lifetime.

Work with Angela: Small Group and Private Training

Janet Sunderland

Instructor JanetJanet Sunderland has been teaching fitness for over 19 years as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. As an instructor Janet has worked with a variety of clients from athletes to senior citizens. Janet believes that Pilates can complement any fitness program as it improves core strength and balances the muscles around the joints improving the way your body functions, looks, and feels.  Currently Janet is focusing more on the training and mentoring of other instructors.  Janet acts as Balanced Body’s faculty member in residence for the Balanced Body authorized training center offerings at Soma Pilates.  Along with Nikki Naab-Levy she cohosts the Moving Well Podcast.

Janet is a graduate of Bastyr University’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness program and Simon Fraser University’s Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies. She is a Balanced Body Master Trainer for Pilates, Anatomy in 3D, Barre, Bodhi Suspension System, and MOTR. Additional certifications include PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Ace-Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Janet’s detail oriented teaching style will guide you in achieving a newfound sense of body awareness and help you discover and realize your body’s hidden capabilities in a safe, comfortable, environment.

Work with Janet: Small Group TrainingPrivate Training, and Balanced Body Workshops

Nikki Naab-Levy LMP

Instructor NikkiNikki holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Ohio University and is a certified Pilates teacher, Massage Therapist, and Balanced Body Master Trainer for Bodhi Suspension System. She works with clients to improve movement strategies so they can move easier in daily life and pursue their physical passions with better body awareness and biomechanics. She’s got 10+ years experience in the fitness industry  showing people who struggle with injury how to move better, so they can get fit with less pain (and if you’d like to avoid injury in the first place she can help you do that too!). Along with Janet Sunderland she cohosts the Moving Well Podcast.

Work with Nikki: Small Group Training, Private Training and Balanced Body Workshops



Rebecca is a great instructor and the only trainer I’ve managed to work with for more than 3 months. Her knowledge, passion and creativity have been a great help and an inspiration. ~ David
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