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Pilates Mat

Drop-in mat sessions are small group training performed on the floor using just your body weight. Small props like the Bosu® ball or magic circle can be added to increase the intensity of the exercises. Mat sessions are designed to focus on core strength and stability with the purpose of improving posture and helping to prevent injury in sports and daily activities. Modifications will be offered to accommodate different body types and levels of fitness.

Sessions are 55 minutes in length and are limited to six students per class to ensure everyone gets the personal attention they need to master the exercises. You can make a reservation in advance, or drop in when it fits your schedule (as space is available).

Prerequisites: Drop-in sessions are designed for people with some Pilates experience. You need to have taken either a series of privates and have instructor permission, or have completed at least 20 Fundamentals sessions. If you have some Pilates experience but are new to our studio, please take a Free Trial Session or Private Session first to assure that the class is appropriate for you, and you are comfortable with our teaching style.


Barre sessions integrate elements of Pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training for a fun and music filled session. The ideal compliment to a Pilates practice, Barre adds energy, fun, and functional fitness to your routine. This class gives participants info on proper form and variations to help you customize the class to your fitness level and personal needs. Small props such as small balls, resistance bands, and dumbbells are introduced. Sessions are 55 minutes in length and are limited to 6 participants in order to provide maximum safety and individualized attention to participants. There is no prerequisite to join a Barre session and they are suitable for anyone in good health without physical limitations.


MOTR® combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout. Exercise categories include cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training, and more.

Developed by Pilates instructor and fitness enthusiast Darya Bronston, MOTR®’s unique and innovative design allows you to work out in eight different body positions, and quickly switch resistance while targeting different areas.  MOTR® sessions can enhance and complement your existing Pilates program! Sessions are 55 minutes in length and are limited to 6 participants in order to provide maximum safety and individualized attention to participants.  There is no prerequisite to join a MOTR® session and they are suitable for anyone in good health without physical limitations.

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Drop-In Rates 
Single Small Group Training Session$42
5 Small Group Training Sessions$175
10 Small Group Training Sessions$320
25 Small Group Training Sessions$750

Sales and local taxes apply to all purchases.

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I love Janet's mat classes and how the core workout compliments my other athletic activities. Pilates on the BOSU kicks my *ss! ~ LaVonne
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