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Fostering body awareness, acceptance, and improved performance.

Getting Started

Free Trial SessionGetting Started on the Reformer

Are you new to Pilates and unsure where to start? Come in and try us out for free! In this 55 minute session you will work one-on-one with an instructor for an overview of terminology, breath patterns, and movement on the Pilates equipment.

New to Our Studio? If you have Pilates experience but are new to our studio, please take a Free Trial Session or Private Session to assure that you are comfortable with our teaching style and terminology before taking small group training sessions.

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If you are new to Pilates we have two options to get you started:

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are the best place to start. The one-on-one instruction allows us to address your strengths and weaknesses, and structure every session to meet your individual goals and specific needs. If you are struggling with injuries or have had major surgery, it is highly recommended that you start with Private Sessions (after checking with your medical adviser).

If you are interested in small group training, usually you can join after 10 Private Sessions. Your instructor will assess your movement and decide when you are ready. If you have done structured Pilates sessions prior, most likely you will need only a few privates.

Introductory Offer: 
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5 Private Sessions (55 minutes)$300

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Pilates Fundamentals Small Group Training

Pilates Fundamentals are another way to get started if you prefer a group setting and have no major physical issues. Classes are limited to four students per class to ensure everyone gets the individual attention needed to progress.  These sessions are performed 1/2 on the Reformer and 1/2 on the mat.

If you are interested in small group training, the Fundamentals sessions or a series of private sessions will give you the foundation you need to join all other sessions offered.

See calendar for details.
Pilates Fundamental Series of 10 Classes$300

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Getting Started Arc

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Janet and Angela’s passion, love and value for Pilates is transparent, they have been able to transfer those same feeling to me. I have not seen such positive changes in my body in such a short time as I have with Soma Pilates. I look and feel younger than my 58 years. ~ Lucille
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