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Bodhi Suspension System at Soma Pilates Redmond


IMG_1207The Balanced Body Bodhi Suspension System has arrived at Soma Pilates Redmond!  If you haven’t tried it, you really should.  Similar to TRX, the Bodhi Suspension System is a body-weight bearing exercise system that combines strength training with the lengthening benefits of Pilates.  Unlike the TRX, Bodhi has four points of suspension instead of two, providing the opportunity to do full four point suspension (hands and feet suspended) and partial three point suspension (hands and one foot suspended). Three point suspension provides the added benefit of standing on one leg to strengthen balance and build bone density.  No matter how strong you are, you will feel the challenge of contracting your whole core to balance yourself on one foot as you work.  And if you aren’t quite ready to workout on one leg, no worries.  Three point suspension is an option, not a requirement!

After working out with the Bodhi Suspension System for the passed two months I am really enjoying working with the hanging ropes and straps (that’s me in the aqua shirt trying to hold my core tight in an inverted bridge, killer!). In this version of Bridge, as soon as you press your ankles into the Bodhi straps the hamstrings, glutes and abdominal muscles immediately kick in to make lifting into Bridge a full body exercise.

Every exercise whether its leg or arm centered makes the core SHAKE!  The reason for this is that The Bodhi stimulates the body’s “righting reflex”; a natural reflex stimulated by the feeling of falling.  Check out Nicole and Pati doing Rocking Arms in the picture below.  In Rocking Arms, you “fall” forward and “catch” yourself by pressing your hands forward into the Bodhi straps to come back up for another rep.


If you already love Pilates, Yoga or Barre workouts, Bodhi workouts combine all three.  During a typical Bodhi workout expect to Squat, Lunge, Row, Curl, Bend, Bridge, Stretch and Plank (the feeling of Plank is used and felt during almost every Bodhi exercise).  At this time Soma has two dedicated Bodhi Suspension System Small Group Trainings a week on our schedule: Mondays at 9am and Tuesdays at 5pm.  We also offer Bodhi work during our Mixed Equipment Small Groups as well as during Private and Semi Private Pilates lessons.  We will be adding more Bodhi to Soma’s Small Group Training schedule in March so check the schedule and try the Bodhi Suspension System for yourself.  You will be very glad you did!


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